OOPY® Cosmetics takes pride in providing the best quality products; some infused with antioxidants and vitamins.  For over 9 years women have been loving our products as they are cruelty free, paraben free and Made in the USA.  Don't take our word for it...see what our customers are saying below about OOPY® Cosmetics.

Love the company! Love the products! Lipstick goes on smooth and has excellent staying power! Products also smell very nice. 💕

N. Nguyen

Westminster, CA

I am in love with OOPY Cosmetics! First Bloom is my signature red lipstick. Not only does this line have beautiful nudes and pastels but it also has beautiful, bold, trendy colors as well. OOPY Cosmetics offers different options to match every mood such as: matte lipsticks, semi-matte lipsticks, liquid matte lipsticks and glosses. If you haven't tried the lip and foundation primers, I highly recommend them. They provide a great base for your lipstick and foundation. "I feel sassy whenever I wear the OOPY brand!" Very satisfied customer!

P. Harris

Chicago, IL

I absolutely LOVE my Cha Cha Cha lip gloss.  It wears well with the OOPY lip primer and stays on much longer.

S. Vann

Lansdowne, VA

OOPY's Matte Lipstick line offers a wonderful range of vibrant colors-- even better color that LASTS for hours! When I first received my lipsticks, I was so eager to try them that I put on First Bloom immediately even though I was heading out to a hot yoga class (which obviously doesn't require makeup). I received so many compliments on the color upon walking into the studio and after a very sweaty class, the color was still there! Multiple people were in awe that the lip color was still intact and same goes when going out for dinner or drinks. Application of the lipstick is smooth and it doesn't bleed. It is a nice amount of matte and feels like it dries enough to not transfer the color as easily but does not make your lips feel dry. Moisture and color seem locked in right away. Fave colors: First Bloom & Someone Special, 

E. Smith

Chicago, IL

OOPY Cosmetics is truly excellent!!!  The colors are BEAUTIFUL and exciting! I have many products, OOPY Liquid Mattes, OOPY Mattes and OOPY Lip Glosses and they all stay on for a long time.  The Pro Essentials Brushes are to die for as they are SO SOFT and SMOOTH feeling.  OOPY is a well put together cosmetic line and the only line for me...OOPY Cometics makes me look and feel beautiful!!! 

V. Pina

Hayward, CA

I absolutely love the colors that I have been using: OOPY Matte Lipstick Once Upon A Time; OOPY Lip Glosses Control; and Sugar Coat. I actually blend all three colors together to get my PERFECT color but I can wear any one of the three separately and have a fantastic color too!  I love the way that these colors are all interchangeable so you can have fun with them and make tons of different colors depending on your mood or your outfit. The OOPY Matte lipstick doesn't clump up like so many others do and they stay on my lips for a much longer period than many of the more expensive brands. The OOPY Lip Glosses are not tacky and smell great! I get tons of compliments on my lip shade and I believe that that the colors enhance my overall look for the day or night. Thanks for introducing me to your brand. I'm hooked!!!

S. Whirl

Riverdale, IL

I am a 7 year OOPY customer and love ALL things OOPY!  The lip gloss is full of antioxidents, smells good and leaves my lips full of color and moisturized. The matte lipstick is not trying and last for hours!  My favorites are the lip primer which smooths my lips and helps all my colors stay on longer.  Cha Cha Cha and Cranberry lip gloss, Red Bottoms and Paso Doble matte lipstick.   I NEVER leave home without them.

D. Mullins

Nashville, TN

I've been wearing OOPY for the last 7 years.  I tried several shades and they all look great on me. From the deepest berry matte lipstick to a shiny bronze gloss, I always get compliments and the product stays on for hours. I love it! Try it for yourself and you will be hooked! 

D. Bey

Lawrenceville, NJ

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