Darchele 'OOPY' Erskine
While most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t pursue entrepreneurship until later in life, I dreamt about it since I was a young girl. While learning at the feet of two highly-successful entrepreneurial parents, I became inspired to learn the ins-and-outs of what it takes to build and sustain a business from the ground up.
I was exposed to the beauty industry at an early age. My mother owned an upscale salon and spas, and my father owned an advertising agency whose primary clientele then, is a multi-million-dollar beauty brand today. I wanted to skip college and open up “something” beauty-related, but my parents said no. So, I started my college career at Howard University and graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas, and upon graduation ultimately received my MBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University.
In 2001, both parents retired and encouraged me to work in mainstream, corporate America to understand the working world outside of our family businesses. That unique experience helped me amass an extensive and additional successful 15-year career in marketing and advertising. It also allowed me to develop both innovative strategies for non-profit and corporate sectors and the unrelenting dedication for multi-million- and billion-dollar brands.
In 2003, I attended a world-renowned makeup academy and became a certified/professional makeup artist. While attending the academy, I soon discovered that I was allergic to the cosmetics the makeup school used. So, they gave me the money back I spent on my makeup kit and told me I could use my own cosmetics. It was then that I connected with a manufacturer and worked with formulas, shades and much more to birth OOPY Cosmetics into what it is today.
Through my journey of working in beauty and seeing how different platforms connected with women, I have discovered my true purpose and passion has been to create my own  platforms that will inspire, empower and transform females of all ages to become their best selves and allow them to define who they are.
Yours in beauty,


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